Saturday, November 8, 2014


Rentie Grove Cemetery was established in 1904 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is located in the midst of what is now a nice residential area.   A more or less forgotten fact about this century old cemetery is that some African American victims of the 1921 Tulsa race riot are said to be buried here.  I was having dinner a couple of miles away from the cemetery with a friend when I learned about Rentie Grove and it's history.  Luckily I had my camera with me and later after dinner we made a quick stop to take a few photos.  Actually, more than a few, more like 30 so I will share the best ones.  Please note that on a few of the graves are candles.  Most of the orbs are well above the ground, but a few are not.  The orbs are a little faint and I found I needed to adjust the screen of my laptop for best viewing. 

For a more detailed history of the old Rentie Grove community see:

Faint orb at top of center.
Orbs to the right and left above and one on the ground to the right of yellow flowers.
I wonder if the orb to the far right is the same one that is in the previous photo just to the right and above the yellow flowers.

I seemed to get the most orbs close to the grave with the yellow flowers.




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