Saturday, April 28, 2012


In addition to having pictures of our auras taken at the spirit fair, Brenda and I sat in on another demonstration (Angel Messages) by medium Cyndy GreenFortunately I remembered to bring my Sony digital recorder because both Brenda and I received messages this time.  

As usual we are given slips of paper to write our "billets" (french for notes) to whoever we want to contact.  We are to write it in the form of a letter - dear whoever - first and last name; or dear spirit or guardian angel or spirit guide.  We can ask one or two questions, then we must sign our first and last name.  Then we fold the paper and hold it in both hands to impart our energy to the paper.  The notes are collected and given to Cyndy only after she has blindfolded herself.  

Before she puts on a large black blindfold, she tapes her eyes shut.  The basket of billets are put on the table in front of her and she will take one or two out and rub them in her hands and on her forehead and will continue to do this for the entire hour.  Her individual readings are usually short, just a minute or two.  Some are a little longer.  All the while I am trying to figure out if there is some way that she could be reading what is on those notes.

After about the first fifteen minutes Cyndy said her spirit guide (named Tidbit) showed her best friend from high school who was Brenda and then she saw a fish tank.  Brenda's last name is Frisch.
Then Cyndy said she saw her uncle Bill so she could have a Bill or William present - Brenda's father's name was Bill.  Brenda just wanted to know if her father was happy, but the message she got was rather unexpected.  Her father's message was that she didn't pray enough and he felt that he hadn't prayed enough.  This was perplexing to Brenda because her father was very devout and prayed every night and Brenda certainly had had enough in her life going on recently that she had been praying quite frequently (or so she thought).  We could only speculate that when we actually come face to face to God we will all probably feel like we should have prayed more.  

A few more readings, then it was my turn when Cyndy said she was "going back to another Sue, Suzanne, Suzette, that kind of name.  Someone in spirit . . . she's got babies, a baby like triplets, but three like that, but there are four or five."  When she mentioned babies I thought she was talking about someone else, but then she said "She says come here Muffin, Roxie . . .  Someone who has lots of babies, now these can be real babies, cat babies or dog babies.  She says tell her it's Judy and I've got them all . . .  They are all perfect and they are well taken care of."  I was floored.  I had asked my sister Judy if she had my dogs there, one's name was Miffy and another was Roxie.  After listening to the recording a couple of times I realized that when she was talking about triplets she could have been referring to three of my dogs who were Boxers, then Miffy was a Cocker Spaniel and Casey was a mutt.  So, as she said "three like that but there are four or five." 

Then Cyndy said "she says that they visit you and when your feet are down you can feel them when you think you have a bug or fly or an itch below your knee, it's them rubbing up against you.  You can feel them."  Wow.  Now every time I have any little itch I will wonder if it's one of my dead dogs.

When a reading is this perfect you have to wonder if there was some trick here because it was just too good to be true.  Cyndy is having another demonstration on June 2 and this time I am going to really observe and photograph her taping her eyes and watching her closely to see if she could somehow be reading any of the notes.  On Youtube there are videos of her and there is one that shows her taping her eyes before the blindfold -   There are other videos of her if you go to Youtube and search the site for Cyndy Angel Messages.  I will also ask a question that has an answer that she can't get by reading the billet.  With the question I have in mind if she answers with a name like she will need to, then I will believe that she doesn't read the notes.

Another thing I learned after these readings and listening to the recording is that sometimes we will hear things that are not said.  For example, Brenda thought that Cyndy had said her father's initials (B.J.) - she swore up and down that she had heard them, but I didn't.  So after listening to the recording Brenda realized that Cyndy had not mentioned the initials.  For some reason I had thought Cyndy had said something about babies being in a stroller, but once again that was incorrect.  Our minds were probably trying to process the information and maybe filled in the blanks with what we expected to try to make sense of the information that was given to us.  Maybe this is why eye witness testimony is many times deemed unreliable.  Just one more reason why it is so important to ALWAYS record any session with a medium and to listen to it a couple of times later.


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