Friday, January 20, 2012


A couple of months ago I attended my first Spirit Fair that was held in Tulsa, OK at a hotel by the airport.  The admission was only six dollars which we thought was a bargain for the interesting lectures and vendors.  There were two large rooms - one containing about 20 vendors and another for the lectures. 

 Among the vendors was a couple with a special camera that took photographs of auras and which was then interpreted.  Of course I had to have that done and was delighted to see I was surrounded by my favorite color blue with a little pink on one side.  Supposedly that pink meant I was a little physic but I'm not feeling it!  My friend Brenda was surrounded in gold. Photographs of other people and their auras displayed at their booth showed that there are some basic auras that people can have with a few minor differences.  Which made me wonder if the camera was really taking a photo of my aura or if it randomly alternated the same colors around people. 

There were lectures on spirit photography, EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) and the pro's and con's of ghost hunting.  But the only one we were really interested in was the Angel Messages given by a talented medium named Cyndy (and her spirit guide Tidbit).  This was the most unusual and entertaining gallery I have ever attended in my life. Participants are given a sheet of paper and asked to write any question they have for a deceased loved one, Tidbit, spirit or the universe.  You then sign your name and fold the paper which you hold between both hands and press to your chest.  An assistant passes a basket around for all to place their billet.  Billet is french for note.

While everyone is writing their question Cyndy is taping her eyes shut and then is blindfolded.  The basket filled with billets is placed on the table which she is standing behind and she takes out each billet and rubs it in her hands and on her forehead and she continues to do this throughout the entire hour. Then she begins her readings which appeared to be quite accurate (including names) for the lucky ones she read for, some of whom she left in tears.

There are videos of Cyndy on Youtube (search for Cyndy's angel messages) and of course there is her website  We really enjoyed Cyndy's sense of humor and without a doubt she is the most entertaining medium I have witnessed (and that includes the ones I have seen on tv).