Monday, August 13, 2012


So far all the mediums I had met were able to connect with some of my loved ones and I was beginning to think that this would be the norm when receiving a reading from a reliable medium.  I recently learned that this is not the case.

I had written Brandie requesting another reading and she responded and asked if I would be interested in having a reading done by one of her classmates from the Arthur Findlay College in the UK who was visiting in the states for a while.  I thought that would be a wonderful opportunity and made an appointment with James.  Brandie stated that he was wanting to get his feet wet in the U.S. and was working for donations.  That was fine with me.

One of the first things James told me was that in the U.K. if a medium could not make a good connection with anyone there would be no charge.  Unfortunately the second thing he told me was that even though he could feel my loved ones there he could not get a connection.  I was really shocked and wondered why my mother at least wasn't connecting with him as much as she loved to talk.

James is also psychic so I asked him a few questions.  I was thinking I would get a reading similar to the way Brandie works so I had not thought about what questions I would want to ask a psychic.  The few things he did tell me I could not relate to.  For instance he told me that someone had hurt me physically or hurt me emotionally so bad it caused physical pain.  Nothing stands out in my past that I can think of that would fit that description.  I had my fair share of bad breakups before I was married, but nothing out of the norm so I'm not sure where this psychic impression was coming from. 

Although I was disappointed that there was no connection it was an interesting experience and it's good to know there are more mediums with integrity that won't try to cover up their inability to connect with a cold reading.