Saturday, September 7, 2013


My trip to Atchison in October 2011 resulted in some of the best orb pictures I have ever taken.  We drove around town (with the guidance of a friend who is a resident) while I took random pictures.  Some in sequence seem to show the same orb.  Our first stop was the Sallie House, the time was around 10 pm.  After the Sallie House we drove around Benedictine College (the trolley tour does not go there).

 I made one of my friends get out of the car and pose with the house!

It appears that the orb starts at the top of the house and floats down to the ground.

Benedictine College

 Driving away from the college.

After dinner pictures always result in an orb or two.

Big one in the upper right hand corner.

 Orbs to the right and it looks like one is on the trunk of the car on the far right.

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