Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I just finished reading one of the most fascinating books I have read in years - Breakthrough to Creativity, by the neuro-psychiatrist Shafica Karagulla.  Rarely do I find a non-fiction book that will make me stay up late at night until I finish it.   Dr. Karagulla is the aunt of George Noory of Coast to Coast AM, a late night radio show that I listen to most nights.  I had heard him mention his aunt a few times and that she had written a book on telepathy.  When I found the book in a used book store in Hot Springs, Arkansas I bought it for something to read on the drive home - not realizing that I would not want to put it down.  

Dr. Karagulla received her MD from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon in 1940.  She trained at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders under a well known psychiatrist Professor Sir David K. Henderson.  During this period she was awarded the Walter Smith Kay Research Fellowship in Psychiatry and the Lawrence McLaren Bequest by the University of Edinburgh.  In 1950 she passed the examination and became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh - the highest medical qualification in Britain.  In 1952 she received a research fellowship in the department of neurology and neuro-surgery at McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute in Canada, and for three years worked as consultant psychiatrist in association with the world-famous neuro-surgeon, Dr. Wilder Penfield. In 1956 she came to the U.S. on a priority rating and became a citizen and a practicing physician.  In 1957 she became Assistant Professor at the State University of New York.

Dr. Karagulla became interested in telepathy after a friend asked her to read a book about Edgar Cayce.  Mr. Cayce, who died in 1945, could put himself in a trance while laying on a couch and observe and diagnose people who were hundreds of miles away.  Impressed by the amount of well documented evidence that Cayce possessed amazing abilities, she decided to devote her career to research what she called Higher Sense Perception.  With her outstanding credentials she was eventually able to receive a grant from the Eliot D. Grant Foundation to research different types of Higher Sense Perception.

When looking for sensitives to study, Dr. Karagulla did not go to psychics or mediums who advertised or accepted payment by giving readings.  She found sensitives whose talents were known to only some of their friends.  Some were other doctors and others had very successful careers.  Their talents are amazing to say the least.  Healing, being able to "see" inside a human body or see an energy field are some of the abilities that were researched.  

A lot in this book seems unbelievable.  But, you have to consider the source and when I look at Dr. Karagulla's professional bio I realize how much she gave up to do this research.  You can't get more credible than that.   Fortunately you can still get this out of print book through Amazon for a reasonable price.



  1. The story of Dr. Shafika Karagulla, Famous Neuropsychiatrist
    The cousin of Kathrin Karagulla married to my mother’s uncle,
    Aziz Sabri (Abrahamian) from Armenian Genocided intelectual family.

    Shafica was born in 1914, one year before Armenian Genocide started of April 24,1915
    She saw her parents and most of her relatives herded into a church which was then burnt to the ground with the alive inside screaming in agony. Only she, and I believe a brother, escaped this abysmal genocide.
    Shafia was born with a foot deformity. She had been captured, tortured, beaten and tossed in a tub of water in an effort to try to drown her -- an activity that left her with occasional lung problems.
    She had become a brilliant neuropsychiatrist.
    Dr. Sylva Portoian (Sylva-MD-Poetry)

    We found with my cousins, some family photos ... Who also lost their relatives in the Armenian genocide...we did not know who was Shafica but we knew she was a famous neuropsychiatrist, today I found her photo in the web...this was a great chance to include Safica's bio in my new book ...historical poetry collection...
    "Bring-Out Our Genocide Skulls and Artful Hands" I hope will be published in 2015.

    From my previous book "A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides" 2008

    My granduncle’s wife, Katrina, the only survivor from Yousif Karagulla’s family (feudal lord in Mardin), had a brother, Numan Karagulla, who was graduated from the medical school of John Hopkins (1905?), and married to an American woman named Stella. They raped his wife in front of him then slaughtered him, his wife, and their son Philip. The Genocide survivors are American citizens. There are endless stories, so which one to tell?

  2. Dear Susan,
    I like to include a few phrases from your article about Dr. Shafica in my book
    please contact me on my FB if you agree.
    Sylva Portoian

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  4. Recently, I have had the good fortune to come across Dr. Karagulla's name while reading a book by Ingo Swann. It was out of curiosity that I searched her name and learned of her work along with Dr. Viola Petitt Neal. I purchased a copy of "Through the Curtain" by Drs. Viola Petitt Neal and Shafica Karagulla. I am only partway into the book and I find it to be not only astounding buy most detailed; and I was fortunate to find an inexpensive copy of the book.

  5. Tonight Breakthrough to Creativity was brought to my attention by my 22 year old daughter. She bought it today and knew it was my cup of tea. I searched her name on the web and came to this page. Crazy to hear she is George Noory's aunt, I personally have not listened to his show, but my husband who passed used to listen to his shows while working nights. Such a challenging life she had and overcame so many obstacles from what I read in the above comments. I feel blessed and honored to have her book to read and know it was heaven sent, teaching me more of the open minded ways that I have come to embrace more and more. L Roberts

    1. I'm glad your daughter found a copy of Shafica's book because it can get expensive on Amazon. I have actually read it twice and I have found it really gives you a good overview from a scientist so that when you read or listen to other researchers on the paranormal it's a little easier to grasp the concepts of whichever topic they are discussing. I found some inexpensive copies on Amazon and bought them to give to friends. One of the books was even autographed by Shafica so I'm keeping that one! Another book she co-authored is Through the Curtain with Viola Petit Neal. On Amazon they ask outrageous prices for that book but I found it all copied online for free!! It is downloaded in three parts. I had just googled Viola Petit Neal Through the Curtain and found it after all the Amazon listings. Here is the link for part 1 - https://issuu.com/zanyartist1/docs/through_the_curtain_book_part1_

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