Monday, August 25, 2014


A few months ago I had my third reading with Brandie.  I appreciated her honesty when she told me that since this was my third reading and she was familiar with my family she was not sure that she would be accurate.  She was afraid that this knowledge would influence her reading.  I told her to try anyway and we would see what happens.

The first person to come through was a man who had died from cancer and whose wife was still living.  The couple had a very close bond and she was took care of him until he passed.  I wasn't sure who this was.  At first I thought it was a friend of ours but he didn't die from cancer and Brandie was sure that he did have cancer.  I think now the most likely candidate is the husband of one of my cousins that I rarely see.  She did have a very close bond with her husband and I know that she did take care of him during his last days but I don't know if he had cancer.  Since she doesn't really respond to emails and I don't know how I would bring his cause of death up in a conversation, I think I will have to see about getting a copy of his death certificate.

However, the next person to come through I knew and I was not surprised to hear from her.  It was Phyllis, the mother of Christine, who is one of my closest friends.  I have known them for over 40 years and I was the hospice volunteer for Phyllis when she was ill.  Brandie described her physical and mental state during her last months and that she was not related, but a friend.  Brandie also said that Phyllis was showing her a room with lots of flowers on the wall and thought there was something significant about the flowers.  When I asked Christine about this she sent me photos of six framed pictures of flowers that her Mother had bought years ago at an expensive store.  Christine had them hanging in her house now but stated that that was not all of them!

Brandie also talked about a round box that Phyllis was showing her.  Brandie was certain that it was round because she was trying to make it square but Phyllis wouldn't let her.  I also asked Chris about this but she had no clue.  She still had some unpacking to do of the contents of her mother's house so she would look for it.  However, it didn't take her long to find the round box.  I can't remember everything it contained but there was an antique toy that Christine had not seen before. 

The information that Brandie provided validated for Christine that her mom was still around.  They had always been very close and this was just what Christine had needed.  In my post of March 18, 2012 about one of Brandie's galleries that I took Christine to, her father and brother both came through.  So now Brandie has communicated with Chris's entire family!


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