Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last Saturday I went to another Spirit Fair with my friend Brenda.  She had just completed her treatment for breast cancer and wanted to get another photo of her aura to see if there was any significant change.  I was curious to have another one just to see if it would be similar to the last one I had.  Interestingly, both ours were basically like our last ones.  This was Brenda's third picture and hers was still a yellow gold but with more green on one side - which turned out to be the side she had radiation.  Mine was still blue but this time the violet had spread more around my whole body.

According to information given to us every living being is surrounded by an electro-magnetic energy field.  This field can vibrate and fluctuate at different levels which determine the color and intensity of the aura.  While sitting for the picture one places their hands on bio-feedback collectors that send messages to the computer to print out the description of your aura. I don't know what kind of camera they use but it records your aura on Polaroid film.

What do the colors mean?  All the color interpretations have both positive and negative descriptions.  Literature provided by the vendor, AuraStar, describes the colors in my aura as follows:

Blue - Communication, learning, calm and peaceful disposition, emotional health, faith and trust, inner-voice certainty, clarity, integrity, creativity, melancholy, immaturity, obsessiveness, spiritual arrogance, cold personality.  Relates to the thyroid and metabolism.  Of course the first nine characteristics describe me.

Violet - Intuition and psychic ability, spiritual activity or information, trance mediumship, transmutation, therapeutic healing, protection, heart or stomach trouble, arrogance, superiority.  Relates to the pineal and pituitary glands.  Honestly, the only characteristic of this color I can relate to is the stomach trouble, which is probably due to the ten or more cups of coffee I have a day.  I suppose that sometimes I do have some intuition, but no more than most people.

Green - Healing/teaching energy, renewal or change, magnetic abundance, calming, physical discomfort, deception, distrust or doubt, naivete.  Relates to the thymus and immune system.

White - High spiritual development, consciously applied protection, natural healing, high metabolism, shyness, scattered energy, stress, tension, nervousness, chemical presence.  Well, I do have a chemical presence from my anti-inflammatory medication that I take.

We were also provided with a description of our photo and what the colors meant in relation to where they are located - center, right or left side.  The color on the left (my left) is the vibration coming into my being.  The closer it is to you, the sooner it will be felt.  A few moments, hours, or as long as a few months.  In my first picture you can see there is a violet blob on my left side which meant that spiritual evolution is in store for me. "Violet brings unlimited knowledge.  You will encounter the rays of guide energies, the highest vibrational frequencies will be distributed to you."  Interestingly, in the second photo the violet has spread all the way around my head so I guess I have unlimited knowledge now.  I just have to figure out how to tap into the high vibrational frequencies that have been given me.

In my second photo my left side is described as "very bright.  A healing is coming for you and those around you.  You are not a novice as the beauty of white light attracts all beings at every level of existence.  These beings are very loving.  They are there to help your evolution.  A time to assist others in transition, or to make transitions yourself."  Assisting others in transition can relate to my work as a hospice volunteer.

"The color seen over the head is what you experience for yourself now.  It is the color that would best describe you.  If the color is high, it could mean aspirations, or what you wish to be."  In my first photo I have white over my head (between the blue and green)
which meant that I am spiritually motivated because white has the qualities of all the colors.

In my second photo I have blue over my head and I was told that meant "depth of feeling would best describe you.  Blue is the blissful fulfillment of the highest ideals of unity, of at-one-ness, of a reunion with earth-mother.  It is truth and trust, love  and dedication.  Peace, tranquility, contentment, tenderness, love, and affection are the qualities most important to you."  Of course.

Color on the right side of the body is traditionally the energy being expressed.  The vibrational frequency most likely seen or felt by others around you.  Many times friends will think this is the energy you are made of, however, it is the energy you are putting out to the world.

In the first photo I have green on my right which meant that "people see you as magical. You put out the highest vibrational frequency and what you want comes to you as if by magic.  (Not that I have noticed . . .)

In the second photo I now have violet on my right but this time it means "a healing energy is being expressed.  An expression of firmness, of constancy, and resistance to change.  --Elastic tension--"  Well, that is kind of vague.

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