Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This summer I attended a gallery which is a demonstration of a psychic medium's abilities.  It is basically a group reading and the cost is normally very reasonable ($25-$35).  A gallery usually will last a couple of hours and unfortunately not everyone will get a reading. But it does help you decide if the medium seems accurate enough that you want to make an appointment for a reading with him/her. 

The gallery I attended with two of my friends showcased Brandie Chrisman and she had a turnout of about 30 people. She appeared to be just as accurate here as she was in my readings.  There was one particularly emotional reading for a woman whose late husband came through with their child.  Apparently he had a few things to apologize for.  Interestingly, there was a young man who came through who seemed to fit for more than one person, one of whom was one of my friends.  I have seen this happen on John Edward's show.  A grandmother came through with enough specific information (she was a dancer) that her grandson could identify her and on Brandie's website, www.brandiechrisman.com there is a video of that particular reading.

Before Brandie began her readings there was a demonstration of a didgeridoo used as harmonic (vibrational) therapy.  I had heard of a didgeridoo before but had never seen one (that I can remember) or had any idea they could be used this way.  Joseph Carringer has been playing the didgeridoo for over a decade and according to his pamphlet harmonic therapy is a form of sound therapy.  It is said to produce healing results by the same principles of ultrasound therapy.  I don't know if it can actually heal anything but I can testify that it is extremely relaxing to listen to!  I bought a couple of his CD's and listened to one while I relaxed in my recliner and found that it did facilitate meditation. For more information on this therapy see www.didgetherapy.com

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