Friday, July 15, 2011


After my second session with Brandie Chrisman I spoke with a niece and learned a couple of things which additionally validated Brandie's reading in regard to my late niece Kimberly.  Brandie has described a boy who had a disagreement with Kim shortly before she passed.  In a nutshell, Brandie said that in Kim's eyes he was a goodie-goodie, and was still feeling guilt about this disagreement and he needed to put this guilt down. Kim has been gone for over ten years.  Brandie had also said that she had an out of control feeling with Kim and she didn't know if that meant a car was out of control or if her life was out of control. 

Kim's sister told me she recently learned of a man who Kim had known and apparently this man (although married with a child now) had asked a mutual friend to pray for Kimberly.  This man had also wanted Kim to go to Florida with him and she would not go because she thought he was "too churchie."  He stated that he wondered what his life would have been like if Kim had gone with him.  I think someone being too "churchie" qualifies them as being a "goodie-goodie."  I also think that a man who is still asking someone to pray for Kim after she has been gone for over ten years is still harboring some intense feelings toward her.  I had assumed that the boy in question that Brandie had discussed was Kim's younger brother, but since learning of this other man I have changed my mind. 

When I asked my niece if she knew of any traumatic incident that could have been the cause of Kim's problems with drugs I was astounded to learn that Kim had been molested
by a babysitter when she was about ten.  Kim had surpressed  the memory for two or three years until she happened to flash back to the incident while watching TV with her sister.  Kim started crying and told her sister what had happened to her.  As it turns out, the boy, who was 15 at the time, went to school with Kim's older sister.  Kim was sent to counseling, but the offender was never confronted by her parents so there were never any consequences for him. Brandie had said that Kim needed this traumatic incident to be acknowledged and I can certainly understand why.

In regard to the "out of control" feeling that Brandie had - Kim had been in a truck that she lost control of while driving and she tore down some fencing.  This resulted in a ticket and a substantial fine.  The day the first payment of the fine was due was the day she ended her life. 

Another person who had come through at this reading was a great aunt who had raised two sons.  I had no clue who this was.  Brandie said she felt this woman was rather head strong.
After a little research I determined that this was my great aunt Margaret Elizabeth Nash, who had raised two sons and divorced her husband in 1932 at the age of 61.

Once again Brandie was unbelievably accurate.

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