Monday, April 4, 2011


Finally, for the first time in my life I had a reading with a psychic medium.  Naturally I had hoped and prayed for a dramatic, detailed and accurate reading with specific names, dates and certain events in my life.  Not surprisingly, I guess, that was not to be.  I didn't think it was a total waste of time, however, because I could relate to some of the things he told me he was seeing.  Whether or not the information from actually communicating with those who have passed on or his own insight and intuition I will never know for certain.  But it is fun to speculate!

Justin is a very personable, down to earth, 30 something man of Italian heritage.  He is very easy going and immediately put me at ease.  The reading was conducted at his home where I met his wife and outgoing five year old son.  We sat in the kitchen for the reading which added to the relaxed atmosphere.  Justin explained to me that he gets messages mainly by being shown pictures, like a psychic pictionary.  He meditates before the reading asking those who have passed over to use parts of his life, if they so desire, to help him relate to what message they are trying to communicate.  He has been giving readings for ten years now and doesn't really advertise except for his website.  At $40 a hour he is the most reasonably priced medium I have found.  He lives in a lovely home with a pool so obviously he is employed elsewhere.  If someone needs a reading but cannot afford it, he will do it for free. (I haven't found anyone else who will do that yet.)

Before channeling the spirits, Justin began by giving me an Angel card reading.  I had never heard of Angel cards, but apparently they are a positive alternative to Tarot cards - there is nothing negative in them.  The reading from the cards was basically general and fairly accurate but things that could be applied to most mothers, so it would be difficult to say that it was psychic rather than intuition.  The main purpose of the Angel card reading is to set the stage, more or less, and to help open up a positive channel.

As he began to channel, Justin said there were several spirits present; an older male and another male and one female.  Immediately he was shown the letter J - - the letter that my sister's name begins with and who I most wanted to hear from.  I asked if it was for a male or female and Justin didn't know, all he saw was the older male acknowledging the letter J.  (I was being careful not to give much information.)  Immediately he was shown a motorcycle - which totally confused me.  I asked if it related to the J name and told him I didn't know of anyone who had passed with a motorcycle. 

[I do have a cousin, who at age 73 bought his first motorcycle and is extremely proud of it; as evidenced by his photo taken with it by a professional photographer and posted on facebook as his profile photo.  I wondered later if perhaps it was my father coming through and acknowledging that I had visited this cousin after not seeing him for fifty years.  My sister with the J name and I had talked for years about visiting this cousin.  Finally, a couple of years after my sister's death I decided to drive the 600 miles and see him.  As far as I know he is still living, at least he was a couple of months ago . . . I guess I'd better check.]

The older male presence was pointing from himself then to his side which indicated that someone was named after him.  [That would be my brother.]  Justin asked if this male had cancer [yes] and mentioned a cancer scare [maybe my brother who had thyroid cancer].  The presence was showing a white cake, which is supposed to acknowledge a birthday or anniversary within a month [my wedding anniversary is in seven weeks].  Then, out of the blue, Justin is shown a Lexus.  I had no idea what that meant nor did I know anyone who had one.  He also is shown a plane going from "here to here" - back and forth.  [I do travel a lot.]

Justin is then shown a child that is moved around a lot, which made the child feel disconnected.  I told him that made sense.  He saw that I had worked with the child.  Then the presence switches gears and acknowledges the cook [could be my mother in law or son in law].  Again, Justin saw the the male presence was with a female and two other males.  Then Justin states that they make him feel like I've been the glue that holds the family together and no one acknowledges it.  One thing was clear to Justin, he saw me going from here to there problem solving and correcting and "stuffing it down." [Very accurate for me at times or the skeptic could say that was a typical mother.]

[I then told him the child that who is moved around a lot would be my youngest daughter who had a drug problem.  We had sent her east to a rehab in Tennessee, then home where she relapsed a few months later, after which we sent her west to a half way house in Arizona and she has moved several different times while there.   The plane Justin sees going back and forth is probably me going back and forth to  Phoenix  from Oklahoma over the last three years. (Thanks to Southwest Rapid Rewards.)  In fact, I had only been back from Phoenix a couple of weeks at the time of the reading and in ten days I am going to Washington D.C. with a couple of friends, so that is pretty much back and forth over the country.]

Randomly, Justin was shown a teddy bear and wanted to know if that was significant in any way.  I said no.  Then he mentioned the 16th, which he said could be an age or date. [At the time I thought it was my dad's birthday, but I was mistaken.  Instead I realized later that on April 16th I will be in New York City for the first time in my life with my two best friends for the first time in their lives.  A very special day for us indeed!]

Then finally the woman presence presents herself strong [like I had asked my sister to].  She appeared to be the cook [sounds more like my mother in law] and was a stern disciplinarian [definitely not my sister].   But, then Justin says she is referencing "eyes" and asked if she had a problem with her eyes.  I told him there was no problem with her eyes but that did make sense to me.

[I did not tell Justin until later that before coming to the reading I had asked my sister to come through with something specific and that she could refer to our last trip together when we went through several states - Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.  I told her the medium worked by seeing pictures and she could show him eyes for the letter I, if she couldn't get across the specific states.]

At this point Justin tells me that he cant make much of anything out.  He said "it's like they don't want to talk to me.  Like they are very private."  He had difficulty getting anything for the rest of the reading, but he did come up with a little more.

Some random things:  A Vietnam vet [maybe an old boyfriend who may or may not have survived Vietnam.]  Who is the M name and not connected to the vet and who has allergies really bad [I had no clue. My maiden names starts with M and my paternal grandfather had severe allergies, but Justin thought it was a first name.]

He is shown a house with a wooden fence and tree in front with a blue buick (older, big tank of a car) in a suburban neighborhood.  A tire swing.   [No clue.] 

Then he gets a bit more accurate:  I was asked who is the scrapper - the fiesty one who would fight, the R name is coming through.  I responded that my husband has a name that begins with R.  Justin asked if he had a short fuse with we first met and I mellowed him out.  [More or less, took many years.]  I told Justin that my husband wrestled in high school and retired undefeated and he thought that qualified as a scrapper.  [I didn't tell him that my husband won a gold medal in the Mexican Olympics in 1968.  Who knew Mexico had Olympics?]

Other random images were:

 A little dog, a brown lab. [My brother in law recently lost a Jack Russell Terrier and four or five years ago lost a chocolate lab.]

The 12th (day or month) - I told him my birthday and my sister's birthday were in December (as were my mother's and her mother, and a niece). 

He saw the teddy bear again and I asked what color it was and he responded that it was just an ordinary brown teddy bear. 

He was shown a pair of wings - not a bird - just the wings that popped out of a tattoo.  [My youngest has wing jewelry and clothes with wings on them and wants a bird tattoo.  I better ask her if she ever got it.]

A Menorah and Christmas tree were shown together.  [My husband is catholic and his best friend is Jewish.  Lately they have been meeting for dinner once a week after work.]

Who passed in a car accident or impact - some sort of trauma.  [No clue.]

He is shown the color purple. [Means nothing to me.]

He sees Cat Kora (?) from Iron Chef.  [I like the food network but never watch Iron Chef.] 

Last of all, he asked me "who is Phil?"  I told him I didn't know anyone named Phil.  

As Justin walked me to my car he apologized for not being able to give me a more accurate reading.  He said he had this problem just a few other times, when the other side did not particularly want to communicate with him.  I assured him that there were some things that I thought were specific and I had enjoyed the reading anyway.  He asked me to let him know if I remember something that would make more sense out of some other things in the reading and I agreed to let him know.

The most accurate parts of the reading for me would be his vision of the child being moved from here to there.  Justin told me later that the reason he got that was because he was shown a scene from his life; when he was five and living in New York,  he was taken out of school by a social worker and taken to a foster home.  He was being taken away from his mother because of her drug problem.  It makes sense to me that this would be something that my father -or any other relative - would bring up.

Then the letters J and R definatly had meaning.  But were they good guesses from his subconscious or was he actually receiving visions of letters from my deceased loved ones?  Seeing a plane going from here to there was sort of specific as was the 16th.  Connecting the letter R with the scrappy one was pretty good . . .

And then there was the reference to the eyes, which to me were specific, although to a skeptic it might not be.

I am a believer and a skeptic . . .


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