Sunday, March 27, 2011


For years I have wanted to consult a psychic medium. I've watched countless episodes of John Edward's Cross Country and Psychic Detectives, read a few books, and still I am not entirely convinced there are people who can actually communicate with the dead.  I doubt because it seems too good to be true and the only way to know for sure is to have a reading from someone claiming to be a psychic medium that gives me information that he or she could not possibly know, like the weird name of my grandmother.  (No one could ever guess that one.) 

Last year I attended a show of a well know psychic medium, Lisa Williams.  I had been impressed with her show on Lifetime, unfortunately I was not as impressed when I saw her in person.  How did I know whether or not the people she read for in the audience were working for her?  And, unlike her television shows, she did not come up with a specific name or details of an event that could be specific for just one person. Nor did she reduce anyone to tears. The only specific information she gave was a number, which turned out to be the number of a football jersey belonging to a young man who had passed.  Not bad, but not enough for me.

I have decided not to put it off any longer -  I will make an appointment with a psychic medium.   Actually, not just one, I want to go to as many as I can afford and my goal is to see two or three a month so I can compare readings.  I will start with a couple in town then go to neighboring states.  When I visit my daughter in Arizona I will go to one or two there and anytime I go on vacation I will try to see one.  I'm going to Washington D.C. in a few weeks so I am going to try to find someone reasonably close to where I am staying.  My hope is that someday I will find someone who will really be able to contact those I've loved and lost.

To avoid any possibility of anyone being able to retrieve information about me online I will not use my real name - I am going to use my maiden name so if anyone wanted to google me they would not find out a thing. (I've been married over 30 years.) If they were to google my maiden name they would discover that one woman is incarcerated and there is a petition going around to keep her in prison; another is a dermatologist and then there are several links to several different Facebook pages. That's random enough.  I will always use my cell phone since it will come up on caller ID as "unknown."  

The next step was to find someone to go to which took me almost a week.  After searching on the internet I discovered a website that was a good resource for finding psychics listed by state, is where I found the first medium to start with. This website was started by Bob Olsen, a licensed P.I. with a degree in criminology. He went on his own search for answers and after going to probably over 100 psychic mediums he has a list of the ones he thought were the best. The majority of those he had readings with are located in the east, with a few in Texas.  He had not seen anyone in Oklahoma.  Another of his websites is where he has more detailed information about his readings with his favorite psychic mediums.  If you live in the eastern United States you will have more to choose from.

My first appointment will be with Justin.  I sent him an email expressing my interest and inquiring about his rates.  He wrote back a couple of days later and said he doesn't have a set price, just takes donations because he knows how hard it is for most people in this economy to work a psychic into their budget.  He is available for readings weekdays after 4:00 and weekends after 2:00.  That works for me, so I called him today but got his voice mail. I left a message and my cell number and asked that he call back.  I should be able to see him this week.

Tomorrow I am going to buy a digital voice recorder to record each reading. At middle age my short term memory sucks so a recorder is essential.  I know nothing about them so I looked at Best Buy online and found a couple that  thankfully were not expensive - about $45 and $65.  I will splurge on the $65 one.

UPDATE - Well it's two years later and I have learned some things about mediums.  First is that the mediums didn't have to give me anyone's name for me to be convinced of who they were describing.  Second is that sometimes a comment won't mean anything to me during a reading, but sometime later when listening to a recording of the reading the light will go on in the attic and I will have an OMG moment.  And sometimes even the best mediums can't get a link or lose it sooner than you would like.  Most importantly, however, is I have learned that somehow, some people can connect with a deceased loved one or make a connection with something that provides personal information about my family members that they have no way of knowing.  When visiting mediums I used my maiden name that I have not used in 35 years, and I paid in cash.

Posts for the best readings I have had are on 4/12/11, 5/30/11, 7/15/11, 11/8/11 and 10/25/12.


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