Friday, April 3, 2015


Just returned from four days in my favorite city, New Orleans.  Of course we went on a ghost tour.  Haunted History Tours claims to be recommended by the Travel Channel and had good reviews on Trip Advisor so that was the one we chose.  The tour lasts almost two hours and I think we covered the major haunted spots in the French quarter and in addition learned where Nicolas Cage used to live in the most haunted house there.  Unfortunately he did not pay his income taxes for a couple of years and the I.R.S. became the proud owners of that property.  Not sure who owns it now.  Brad and Angelina also have a home there and I'm sure there are a few more celebrities who have homes in New Orleans.

The best orb photo I took was at what was once an orphanage.  Can't remember much more than that except that our tour guide did say that sometimes the cross on the building didn't show up in photos.  The cross isn't that big so it's probably something to do with lighting.  The cross was always visible in my photos, but I was more impressed with my twin orbs.

Some orbs are a little difficult to see and I found I needed to adjust my screen some to see them better.

I took this photo before the one above and you can make out the two orbs closer together and about the center of the photo.
Large orb to the right center and notice the smaller orb down by the hood of the silver car.  Others are up in the sky.
We noticed that we usually had more luck getting pictures of orbs when we included the sky!

The next two photos were taken in an alley by Jackson Square.  I believe I got a picture of the same orb that is on the top to the left.

It's just a little bigger in this photo and almost in the exact position so it could be coming closer.  The next few photos I took didn't catch it.

This photo was taken while we were touring the Cathedral in Jackson Square.  I wasn't trying to get any pictures of orbs so I was surprised to see one at the top of the door to the confessional.  Also there is a larger one above that at the top of the photo.