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A few weeks ago I took a friend to another gallery given by Brandie Chrisman (see psychic # 2 from last April post).  Christine had been in town to care for her elderly mother who was in declining health and on hospice care.  Chris had also lost her brother suddenly only a month prior to coming to the gallery, so naturally she was hoping to hear from him.  Well, hear from him she did - and her father.  For her $25 she had a little over 20 minute reading.  And as usual Brandie was extremely accurate.

The gallery was held at the same Hampton Inn as before in a small conference room.  There were less than a dozen attending this time which increased the odds of getting a reading.  I had a feeling, however, that Christine's dad would come through as he did for me when I had a reading with the Kansas City medium (see post for medium #3 last October) and my intuition was spot on.

Brandie began the session by explaining how an intuitive medium works and then having us ask questions.  Unfortunately I did not have enough sense to turn my recorder on and I should have because her information was very interesting.  One question I asked her was if she could hear a spirit and she replied that she could not - everything she received was from her "feeling it".  I also asked her if she had ever tried remote viewing and she had not; in fact she didn't know what that was.  (For information on remote viewing go to - a website for Joe McMoneagle who worked for the government as a psychic spy.)  I have a feeling that Brandie would be excellent at remote viewing.  Christine asked her if she had ever "seeked knowledge" and I had no idea what she was talking about.  However, Brandie did and stated that she had tried it once and can't remember anything she said.  She said that her mother was present and a couple of other people.  Apparently she must go into a trance and channel someone or something.  I'd really like to know what she said! 

Fortunately I remembered to turn my recorder on for the reading!
As usual, Brandie was uncannily accurate.  After transcribing the reading I counted over 40 items that Brandie had mentioned about Christine's father and brother.  When Christine read the transcription she realized that there were a few things where she had responded no that she should have responded yes.  This underscores the importance of always recording any reading you go to!  During a reading you are trying to process one piece of information when you are given another piece of information to process and while you are trying to process everything it is not uncommon for one to have what John Edwards calls "psychic amnesia."  You really can go blank - I've done it.

Here is a condensed version of the reading with just the facts that Brandie gave to Christine:

She felt he had height to him - over six feet.
He had broad shoulders.
He had very long legs.
He was a father or grandfather on the father's side.
He wore jeans.
  [This is all correct except for the broad shoulders.  Brandie said
she felt him pulling her shoulders back which is why she felt he must have broad shoulders.  Later Christine thought maybe he was
trying to get across that he was no longer stooped and his back was straight again.]

He was a plain, simple kind of guy.
Works with his hands, he was a mechanic.
Brandie wants to place him outside when he worked with something mechanical.
[He was a mechanic for an airline and was a plain, simple man.  Not sure about working outside but since he worked on planes during WWII he probably did work on some of the planes outside.]  

His passing was heart related.
His death was sudden but the illness was not.
He didn't want to talk about it or get it looked at.
He did not want to inconvenience anyone - did not want to upset the momentum.
He had an issue with his lungs as well; a smokers cough; and his cough was bothersome.
He had a very mechanical aspect to him.
He had a natural knowledge and wisdom.
He would stand his ground.
[All true.]

Brandie said he was talking about his other girl and asked if it was Christine's sister, however, since Christine has no sister Brandie said it must be that she and her mom must have been his girls. [Correct]

He had a quite side.
He could communicate when it mattered.
He was a nail bitter.
He had a rigorous background - military.
Took his background in the military with him.
There was a sad side to him that was pretty deep.
Chris was not there when he passed.
His wife was very giving and he felt he did not fully vocalize his appreciation.
There were words left unsaid.
[All of this describes Christine's dad.  He learned how to work on planes in the military and after the war he worked at American Airlines until he retired. He did suffer from depression. Christine confirmed "the words left unsaid" were what she always wished she had said to her father before he went into surgery.]  

He really wanted Christine to succeed academically.
He was showing Christine as an academic.  (Chris answered NO to her being "an academic".  He always wanted desperately for her to be more academically inclined and would enroll her in anything extra outside of school he could find.)

He showed Brandie a hospital bracelet.  (Christine's mother was in the hospital at that time.)  Brandie also saw a watch and a ring.  (Christine thought that her mother's watch and ring had been lost at the hospital but fortunately they were found.)

Brandie said that Christine favors her father in demeanor and that
she sizes people up before she lets them in.
[A spot on description of Christine!]

Brandie then mentioned her brother and Christine told her that he had recently passed so Brandie connected to him next.  He began by showing her his last few days although Brandie said he did not want to talk about his cause of death.

She saw her brother as being less focused and not being able to gather his thoughts.
He had a great deal of confusion.
There must have been a blood clot, stroke or some sort of alzhiemers.
She could feel his overwhelming frustration and anxiety.
He physically could not talk.
People were caring for him.
[Everything is correct.  Her brother had open heart bypass surgery a few months prior to his death and he could not recover enough to take care of himself.  Eventually, one day he could not catch his breath and called 911 and when the paramedics got there he went into cardiac arrest and they resuscitated him for six minutes.  At the hospital they put him into an induced coma to help reduce swelling in his brain and put him on a ventilator.  A couple of days later when he was awakened and they tried to wean him off the ventilator he could not tolerate it because his lungs would keep filling up with fluid.  It was then determined that he had lung cancer and he was in no condition to have chemo.  In short, there was nothing left to do for him.  The doctors were not sure how much brain damage there had been from such a long resuscitation. However, he did recognize people and could respond that he understood some things. Sadly, he could not live without the ventilator and his doctors had to let him know there was nothing more they could do for him.  When his breathing tube was removed he passed very quickly.]

He was Christine's older brother.
When they were younger they got on each other's nerves but as adults they became closer.
He had a sense of humor.
He passed within a month or two.
He was in a nursing facility.
[All of this is correct]

Then Brandie gave Christine's Bob's message, which was that he was no longer in pain and he was up again.  [Christine and Bob's children had worked hard on encouraging Bob to get up and start walking after his surgery.  It was difficult for him to walk so he would rarely get out of his recliner when he was home.  He did not tolerate the post surgery pain well.  I was not surprised that he would want to tell Chris that he was up.]

Christine's father's message was that her brother is not alone "because it is very significant that they are together and they are not alone."
[The one question that Christine had wanted answered was were her father and brother together - that was very important to her. Fortunately she got her answer.]

Then Brandie said "They are wanting to talk to you about you must have been worried that you were the only one left and it must have been causing you some stress . . . they are talking about things needing to be proved to you . . . this is your proof."
[She had been mourning the fact that soon she would be the only one left of her family and she was looking for assurances that there really was something after we leave this life.  I believe she got what she came for!]

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