Tuesday, May 24, 2011


During a short trip to New York City with a couple of friends we stayed at the Affinia Hotel in Manhattan on 7th Street, directly across from Madison Square Garden.  This sign was practically next door to our hotel.  Unfortunately palm and tarot card readings were not what I was looking for, which was too bad because it would have been so convenient.  But, given lack of time and budget (we could only afford one night there) I did not attempt to inquire about the services and rates.  An office in Manhattan is pretty pricey and I figured his/her rates would be too.  Whoever it is must do quite a few readings to afford this location and stay in business. On Bob Olsen's website there is a medium in New York that I would have loved to have seen.  Bob had tested Glenn Klausner and found him to be legitimate, but at $350 for an hour he unfortunately was not in my budget.  (Plus cab fare to get to him.)

 On a more recent trip to New York City with my husband it seemed there were signs everywhere for psychic services. I was so tempted to call for the five dollar special.  (I have a feeling it would have been a cold reading.)  Very curious about where Bobby's office could have been with charging such low rates.  I saw this sign as we were walking down 7th Ave toward Times Square.  Sort of hard to tell from the photo, but the girl is actually holding the sign.  I had to wonder if she worked an eight hour day walking around Manhattan with that sign.

On the way back from Times Square I saw two more advertisements for psychic services.



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