Thursday, October 25, 2012


While visiting my daughter in Phoenix, Arizona I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment with Jamie Clark.  Searching the internet for a medium to see while in Phoenix I was most impressed with Jamie's website and his participation on T.V. in America's Psychic Challenge, which premiered on the Lifetime channel in 2007.   My reading from Jamie was extremely accurate and as I learned later one bit of information related to a future event.  Jamie talks fast so he gives a lot of information.  My reading resulted in him giving me 65 items of information that were correct and 23 more items I was not sure of or were incorrect.  I was the most shocked when he accurately described my mother's disabilities - one amazing validation!

For the sake of clarity I am listing all things Jamie said about a particular individual at one time.  For instance when he was describing my mother's disabilities he first mentions the heaviness in her arm, then he switches to another topic and later returns to my mother's physical condition.  Thank God I recorded the reading so I could transcribe it.  After reading my notes I could put all relevant descriptions for each individual in a more easily read order.

Jamie has a very outgoing personality and puts one immediately at ease.   After introducing himself he informed me that my mother had already shown up before I arrived - which was so like my mother.  He informed me how he works which is very similar to Brandi (only yes, no or maybe answers from me) except Jamie tries not to look up at the person he is reading for so he won't see any clues from facial expressions.  While he was explaining how he works I think my mother was annoying him because he said she was making him forget stuff.  My mother was bad about interrupting people and Jamie also accused her of making him trip over his own words. (She would.)

Once Jamie got past the verbal goofs my mother inflicted on him he was able to relay the specific information:

Mother acknowledged the person who passed from cancer - he knew that she did not.  My father passed from cancer.
He saw that there were actually two people who passed from cancer.  My father and mother in law.  
Jamie asked if my dad had passed and stated that he was standing there nicely, observing and listening.  My father was a gentleman - very polite.  Jamie saw an M name - one male and one female, two names that are the same.  My parents last name began with an M but Jamie thought it was a first name.  Then he said one living and one past.  Not sure but my brother has my father's first name although it does not start with an M - just out last name.

Jamie stated that my mother had two females next to her.  I determined later that they most likely were my sister and her daughter since information about them was given later.

My mother made Jamie's head hurt which he thought could mean a major problem with the head.  True - my mother died from a stroke and her first symptom was a severe headache.

With my father he felt a heaviness in his chest.  Not sure.  He never had a heart attack, however, he passed a few days after surgery for a broken hip from heart failure or a heart attack.

Jamie thought my mother passed about three years before my dad.  He was close - it was four and a half years. 

He asked me about a B name but at the time I couldn't think of any family member with a B name.  Later I realized it was probably Brenda, one of my best friends for over 40 years!

I was told that literally within a couple of weeks there are two things, birthday or anniversary and that was correct.  My daughter's birthday which was a few days before this reading is two weeks before my wedding anniversary.

Jamie heard the name David and my mother has a great grandson named David.  My mother gave him a T name and her father's name was Tom.  He also asked me about a Phyllis or Francis and the only Francis I can think of is a great great grandmother to my mother.  He also mentioned a V name - Vicky, Valery, Veronica .   I have an old friend named Vicky but I don't believe my mother ever met her.

He said that my mother said three for kids and she did have three children.

Jamie asked if my sister was alive and I told him no.  He said she is so strongly connected here it isn't funny.  He said there were questions about my sister's passing because she put out a question mark.  I would consider that true.  Jamie gave the name Jennifer, that was not her name but her name did begin with a J.  He saw that she had very few close friends and that is true.

Then Jamie said "December, December, December.  December is a major thing."  I was surprised he said December three times.  My birthday and my sister's birthday is on the same day in December, nine years apart.  Our mother's birthday was the next day.  What are the odds of that.  HER mother's birthday was just a couple of days before mine and I have two nieces who have birthdays within a couple of days of ours. 

Jamie knew I have two children - one stronger and one softer - true.  He said one was in her 20's - true - one is 28 and the other is 30.  He saw that with one of my daughters there was a major change coming and an opportunity is coming.  He said that her mental thought pattern is changing.  My oldest daughter had recently left her husband and has decided to file for divorce.  The transition has been somewhat difficult for her.  Jamie was also correct when he told me that "one wanted kids and the other one doesn't."

Then Jamie asked if one of my girls had gotten in or out of a relationship in the last six months.  I told him one daughter was getting a divorce.  According to my mother, Jamie said, my daugher's ex-husband was manipulative  and dominating, which is true and something I did not find out until a few weeks after this reading.

I couldn't hide my shock when Jamie said he didn't know if my mother was kidding or not but asked if "someone had been put in a care facility in some way or known for mental challenges."  One daughter was hospitalized for anorexia and my other daughter spent time in a drug rehab.  Both girls have been diagnosed with depression and OCD.

My mother threw him a teacher energy and he thought that if I am not a teacher then I should be because I have a good ability to communicate. My mother had two sisters who were teachers and her father was on the board of a high school in Wichita Falls, Texas.   My mother also threw him a movie energy - probably because my husband and I go to a movie every weekend. 

Next he saw that my sister was shaking ashes which meant that if she was not cremated then she is with the one who was.  She was not cremated but I know at least one of our aunts was. I am not sure if her husband was cremated.  Jamie saw that there were two dynamics to her passing.  He said "first one thing and then another thing."  I would consider this correct.  My sister's death was due to malpractice of an anesthesiologist during an elective surgery.  For a day or two we thought she might make it.  When it was clear she had suffered irreveresable brain damage the family decided to donate her organs. She had been matched to a patient to donate her heart and lungs but when the surgeons went in to harvest her organs they found a massive infection and they determined they could not use any of her organs. That was an additional trauma for our family as it took away any hope of anything good coming from her passing.

My sister (or someone) shows Jamie a balloon release.  There was not one that I know of for her but there was for another friend of mine.  She was also showing Jamie Jonah and the whale and he thought she was trying to get him to say a name.  Her name started with a J.

Apparently my mother keep baring her teeth at Jamie and he could not figure that out.  But I could!  My mother had false teeth and after a few years her gums shrunk and her dentures became loose and she developed an annoying habit of baring her teeth whenever she was biting down on her teeth.  She would randomly smile like that throughout the reading.

He thought my mother was very intelligent (as Brandie had).  I know my mother loved that!!  Jamie was also given the date of Oct 12.  He told me it could also mean October and the 12th of another month.  Two birthdays are in October - a daughter and my father.

He asked if my mother or father had a sister that had passed because there were two other females present (and I assume they were giving off auntie energy.)  Both parents had sisters who passed.

Then Jamie said "someone passed and someone came across the body."  I didn't think of it at the time, but that would be my brother in law finding the body of his daughter who committed suicide.  Later Jamie did mention that my mother was with someone who commited suicide.

Jamie asked if I have a ring or any other jewelery of my mother's and if I had misplaced it.  If I had I will find it and I am to be careful that I don't lose it.  I do have my mother's wedding ring and I do hide - and forget where - another ring of hers. 

Then Jamie gave some spot on information about my husband (except for the name - he thought Robert but it's Ron).  Jamie saw a neutralization around his energy field which can mean a shift in energy vibration that could mean he changed jobs or careers.  I confirmed that this was accurate.  He said it was not an identical job it was something similar because there was a comfort level because you have to know what you are doing.  Also with this new opportunity there is more responsibility.  My husband will acclimate very quickly and ascend and he will be in a higher and more functioning position.  Amazingly, Jamie later said with regard to this job there was a feeling of a yes then a no, then a yes type of thing.  My husband had a hard time making up his mind to leave his previous job which he had for almost 30 years.  As Jamie predicted he has acclimated very fast!

My mother also showed Jamie that my husband is very intelligent and good with numbers.  Later Jamie said that "someone is a lawyer."  My husband is a C.P.A. and an attorney.  

If the information about my husband's new job wasn't shocking enough, Jamie then went on to describe my mother's physical disabilities.  He said that she drops his right arm and he felt it could not be moved affectively, like there was a heaviness to it.  She couldn't grip things and something was placed in her hand.  He said "one leg more than the other"  My mother had a stroke when she was 60 and her arm and hand were impaired.  The item placed in her hand was a foam ball that she used to squeeze to try and strengthen her grip.  One of her legs was also affected and caused her to drag it somewhat when she walked.

Jamie was accurate about my mother's passing also.  He said my mother said to thank me for releasing her and he asked me if I had let her go.  That was something I never told anyone.  He said "she was in - she was out - she was in - she was out."  She made Jamie feel like there was false hope.  He also told me that my mother was seeing relatives before she passed.  My mother had a second stroke and was unconscious for a day before she woke up in intensive care.  The false hope Jamie felt was mine when my mother woke up.  She did well for a day or two then one day she thought there were other people in the room and we were at a party.  She lost consciousness after a couple more days and did not  wake again before she died.  

Then my mother had to bring up my brother.  She let Jamie know that he always thinks he is right and that is so true!  Jamie also felt a challenge with a brother figure, but for some reason there is erratic energy around him in connection with this.  I would guess that my brother has always had erratic energy!!  He wouldn't speak to me for over 20 years and we only started talking again at our sister's funeral.

  Jamie was shown letters or cards from my mother that were contained in a box.   Actually they are in a large folder.  Then Jamie saw my mother watching T.V. and that she was frustrated from the stroke.  Watching T.V. was about the only thing she could do after her stroke. 

Once again, Jamie didn't know if my mother was being serious or not but he saw a time when I was sitting outside and maybe saw a UFO.  That would have been about 10 years ago when I was watching a play at the outdoor Muny Theater in St. Louis, MO.  Not a real exciting sighting, it just looked like a star speeding across the sky much faster than a commercial plane or jet.  The play was more interesting than the UFO!  Definitely not a shooting star either. My mother's message to me was to always question it.  Unfortunately she did not elaborate as to what my sighting was.  

I was asked if in the past six months or sooner if there had been a minor accident with a vehicle, like someone backed into something.  He said my daughter was not paying attention to where she was going.  Jamie said it felt like the impact was a corner area.  My youngest daughter's car at the time had numerous dents in it from minor accidents but none were recent.  However, a couple of weeks later while she was house sitting for me while my husband and I went on vacation, she decided to drive my car since it was nicer.  As she was backing it out of the garage she was not looking where she was going and hit her sister's car, knocking off her sister's side mirror and leaving a nice dent in the rear corner of my car. 

During the reading Jamie mentioned that "sometimes you might be the messenger for someone else like I am for you."  He told me I was connected to someone who lost a child and that it felt like a boy.  My mother was bringing him through and he gets an impact and the passing is tragic.  (A couple of possibilities came to mind.)  Jamie said that something was not understood or known in some way.  He was shown an accident and shown a truck.  He got the name Steven.   I was told that this person was shaking ashes as well.  I am not sure who this is.  An old high school friend lost a son in a car accident and so did one of my husband's cousin.  I will have to do a little investigating to figure out who this is or if this person is really connected to me.


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